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Expert Opinions


S.Snyder "It is the most sophisticated and user friendly I know"

 “I want to go on record as recommending the insight virtual reality simulator for shoulder arthroscopy for any training institution that plans to maximize the opportunity to train surgeons in this difficult task”, Stephen J. Snyder, MD (SCOI Clasroom).


S.Snyder “The GMV insight virtual reality arthroscopic simulator is the most advanced virtual reality simulator system for teaching and training of arthroscopy surgery, Ofer Levy, MD (BESS Education Committee).



 “It certainly has proven to be the most realistic simulator I have found on the market thus far”, Lennard Funk, MD (Consultant Shoulder & Upper Limb Surgeon at Manchester Sports Medicine Clinic and Wrightington Hospital).



“We would like to highlight …/… what this innovation brings to the new era of specialized medical education”, Ramon Cugat, MD (ISAKOS Communications Committee Chair).


S.Snyder “The purpose of our study was to examine if increased training on a virtual reality simulator correlates with improved performance [on cadaver]. [Our study] results showed that the subjects had a statistically significant improvement between three metrics confirming the hypothesis that improved training [using iinsight technology] correlates with im¬proved simulator performance. This study provides further validation of the utility of surgical simulators [like insightArthroVR®] in orthopaedic residency training.”Dr. Michael Angeline, MD. and Dr. Sherwin Ho, MD., U. of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, IL.

S.Snyder “The [insightArthroVR®] simulator was classified as one the best training method (over phantoms), and a mark of 7.10 over 10 to the simulator as an evaluation tool. They valued the simulator with 8.24 as a tool for learning skills; its fidelity with 7.41; the quality of the platform with 7.54, and content of exercises with 7.09. It obtained a global mark of 7.82 over 10. The 89.4% of the surgeons affirmed that they would recommend the simulator to their colleagues.” – excerpt from the publication by the team of Dr. José Manuel F. Fernández-Arroyo, MD, Specialist on Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology at Hospital Severo Ochoa Leganés, Madrid, Spain.


“…a wonderful surgical simulator…/… so residents can do hundreds of these before they start on their patients. So I think that is the future”, G. Gartsman MD, Texas Orthopaedic Hospital, Houston, TX.

  “This [validation] study clearly establishes construct validity showing that […/…] arthroscopic simulation [i.e, insightArthroVR® system] can measure actual clinical skills and not merely the ability to manipulate a simulator, thus confirming our hypothesis. [This hypothesis] was further validated by reproducing the test on a cadaveric model with the same results.”Captain Dr. Kevin Martin, DO, William Beaumont Army Medical Center, El Paso, TX.